IVF Counseling

When it comes to fertility treatments, emotional wellness is often overlooked, but the science is clear: Emotional health is an essential part of the journey to conception and pregnancy.

You may be at a point where you feel like you've done everything you can on your own and nothing is working. This can create a lot of frustration, confusion, hopelessness, and uncertainty about the future and what to do next. I get it because I've been there myself. After over a year of trying to conceive on our own, we found that we needed answers, support, help with decision-making, and steps I could take to feel more in control on our IVF journey. Having first hand experience of the fertility testing and IVF process, I'm here to help you on your own journey toward creating your family AND to help you enjoy the moments along the way.

Manage Difficult Emotions
Learn to process intense emotions like anxiety, fear, worry, overwhelm, and uncertainty that comes with unexplained infertility and fertility treatments. This journey can sometimes feel like you're on an emotional rollercoaster and it's important to have a space where you feel supported and understood. 

Understand the IVF Journey
It can be helpful to talk to someone who has first hand experience of what you're going through and offer information and action steps to take to help you feel more in control. In our sessions we'll talk about the process of IVF from start to finsih and what to expect along the way. It's my goal to help you feel more informed and empowered so you and your partner can make the best decisions for your personal goals. 

Optimize Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health and Wellbeing 
Our mental, emotional, and physical health are interconnected so it's important to manage stress levels and incorporate wellness strategies into your daily self-care routine. In our sessions we'll work toward creating a healthy "fertile" mindset and emotional and energetic balance. We'll also talk about mindfulness, nutrution, detox, stress reduction techniques, environmental health, energy work, and other alternative health practices to optimize whole body health and alignment. As someone who has an autoimmune disease to include hypothyroidism and hashimotos, I look back and wish someone had discussed the vital importance of hormone balance and improving nutrition and gut health, and how it can help support your whole body system and all of its functions. There is so much in your control to optimize your health for a successful outcome! Any changes in your health routine should always be discussed with your doctor. 


"Hope is the companion of power, and mother of success; for who so hopes strongly has within him the gift of miracles". -Samuel Smiles

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